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With over 50k submissions on Telegram and Website, our Airdrop is now closed. We are amazed by the enthusiasm of the community, and surprised with all the welcome and attention we got! Thank you everyone for becoming a part of our journey this far, and we look forward to your participation and support during the next phase of our development. Please help us to continue spreading the word of while we work hard on developing this project and building a successful company.

- Kindest regards, Voicu Apostol, CEO, Moneda

To reward the people that believe in our vision early on, Moneda will be awarding a free airdrop to those that join our community! If you’d like to become a part of Moneda’s enthusiastic community, and earn some free MND, this airdrop is for you! Simply follow the instructions below, and the MND will be distributed to you after our ICO is complete!

🗣 Help us spread the word 🗣

Add a comment about why you recommend Moneda on:

🚀 Moneda Airdrop 🚀

1. Sign Up on Moneda (

2. Verify email

3. Join our Telegram group (

4. Follow on Twitter (Optional) (

5. Fill out the form:

⚡ Earn More MND Tokens ⚡

6. Subscribe to our Reddit. (Optional) ( (+5 MND)

7. Make a tweet about why you recommend Moneda. Include our website link ( and tag @getMoneda. (Optional) (+5 MND)

8. Like and share our Facebook page (Optional) ( (+5 MND)

9. Fill out the form if you completed above steps (Optional) :

10. Invite your friends and earn +5 MND for each referred user that completes Airdrop requires steps + 5% for each sale transaction. You can find your referral link in dashboard. (Optional)

General Terms:

• Airdrop Limited to 50,000 members.

• Tokens to be distributed when token sale ends. (Sunday, July 15)

• Verification starts after token sale ends.

• We reserve the right to remove any participants from Airdrop at any time if we think that they are scam, or they are spamming our social channels.

• We reserve the right to pause Airdrop at any time.

• We reserve the right to lower or increase the total amount of token allocation at any time.

🚂 Balance Calculator 🚂

Select all your completed steps to see a token balance estimation.
NOTE: Your balance may vary after the final verification.

~ Balance: 0 MND